The Computer Room Project

Created in 2014, the project began with 8 computers donated to the students from past volunteers. The lessons are taught in a safe and nurturing environment to promote confidence. This gives the people of Po Village a chance to develop skills that would typically be out of reach for this community. Our computer course includes both English and Khmer Unicode typing using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

completed computer room.jpg

Computer room

CHD would like to give a big thanks to ieDepot for our new computer room. The achievement of this new computer room would not have been possible without your support. The children of CHD now have a comfortable place to study during our computer classes and are very happy about having a new environment that is more conducive to learning.

Our previous computer room was a farmhouse with a dirt floor, made out of timber, zinc walls, and palm leaves. During the day time the old computer room was very hot, which made it difficult for the children to concentrate on their studies. Additionally, the state of the old computer room made the computers very vulnerable to damage from dust and water.

Now, with the new computer room the school has more room for materials and new computers, the computers are safe from the elements, and the children are not distracted by the heat. Currently, we have 40 children registered to study in the computer course. The computer course project has kept growing since it was started 8 months ago and CHD is now up to 8 computers, all of which have been donated by previous, generous volunteers.

old computer room.jpg

old computer room

The previous computer room was located in a farm house in very poor condition. It was constructed from timber, zinc sheets, and palm leaves. During the day it would be very hot, making it difficult for the children to concentrate. We wanted to build a new concrete building that had enough space to hold computers and other materials as well as promote success for the 40 students registered for the course.

new computer room in progress.png

new computer room

Thanks to donations from,and past volunteers Ashley and Christopher, we have completed the construction process. Ashley and Christopher first became involved with CHD online, and before volunteering in July 2014, they also raised money back home for the new computer room.

When the computer room is finished, we will celebrate with a ceremony. The head of the village will be in attendance with the students and their families. Monks will also be invited to pray for the school.

We would like to thank ieDepot, Ashley, and Christopher for their generous support. We would also like to acknowledge the other volunteers who have supported our school with time and computers.