Current Wish List

Our Current Wish List:

  • Writing books
  • Story books in English and Khmer ( can be bought in Cambodia)
  •  New/Second hand laptop computers
  • Pens and pencils
  • Markers
  • Paints for drawing/artwork
  • Paper
  • Alphabet cards
  • Footballs
  • Tennis balls
  • Colorful posters
  • Games and board games
  • Educations cards for teaching/speaking practice

The REALLY BIG wishes

  • $13,000 (To reopen CHD school in Cambodia)
  • Due to the Covid-19, we had to close CHD for two years. At the moment the situation in Cambodia is getting much better and the government has allowed us to reopen all the sectors of society and economy. CHD has been reopening for three weeks. In order to continue our mission of free education of English, Math and computer lessons, we need your continued support that we can sustain and support CHD activities. We need to raise the donations of $13,000. This amount will cover for:
    – School supplies
    – Purchase laptop computers for children to study
    – Electricity and water fee
    – Teacher support
    – Internet connection
    – Field trips and parties for children.
    – Masks
    – Disinfectants
    – Thermometer for temperature check.
    Please kindly make a donation as you are able and help spread the word about this
    project. I am so grateful for your support.
    Warm regards,

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