Fundraising Ideas


CHD is always delighted to hear about our supporters fundraising events. While fundraising is a great source of income which helps Children with Hope for Development to improve and expand the projects we are working on in Cambodia, an equally important benefit of fundraising events is to promote the organization.

CHD is still a relative new charity. We’re becoming more well-known, through the work of our supporters around the world who help to spread the word but a fundraiser, especially if it receives local media coverage, can be of immense value in letting people know who we are and what we do.

This page aims to give a few tips on how to hold a successful fundraising event, and how to make sure as many as people possible get to hear about it.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is good fun, and doesn’t need to be a lot of hassle! Here are a few suggestions of how you could stage an event to support CHD.

Simple things- ask your local corner store or supermarket to host a collection box,

Shake a collection bucket in the shopping centre on a busy day. Get two friends to do the same, and ask them to ask two friends each, and so on- it all adds up.

Chocolate drivers- Do you work in an office or school and have a few chocoholics? A simple and easy way to fundraise is through purchasing a box of chocolates, muesli bars, chips etc. you can purchase these boxes designed specifically for fundraising and all you have to do is leave them in the way of temptation and collect the money at the end.

Dinners and lunches- These can be done either by cooking for a workplace or hosting an event at your house and charging a reasonable price for meals. Alternatively you could make an arrangement at a local restaurant for a set menu and charge people per head to attend. These can be an easy and enjoyable way to raise money and create awareness.

Benefit events- Do you have any friends in the music scene, comedians or performers? Why don’t you ask them if they would help organize a live event? Many venues are happy to let you keep the door charge as they make money off the drinks people buy and it brings in potential new customers.

Movies events- Many local cinemas will sell bulk tickets at cheaper prices for fundraisers and you can add a few dollars to the ticket price as the venue makes money off food. Alternatively you could hire out a local cinema or ask for the use of a community space or university lecture theatre. You do not have to screen the latest release; you could screen an old classic or a documentary on Cambodia.

Sponsored events- Get colleagues, friends and family to sponsor you to do something such as; stay silent for a day, run a marathon, shave your hair off , climb a mountain, cycle, go to work/university/college/ school in your pyjamas or jump out of a plane. The possibilities are endless.

Charity sports match- Do you play for a sports team? Enjoy sports but rarely get a chance to play? Get your team together; arrange a match with a rival or a tournament if you’re feeling adventurous. You can ask players to pay a small amount to take part, shake a collection bucket for spectator’s fun, sell food for those that attend, a healthy and a great way to raise money.

Talk about your experience- Have you volunteered with CHD and/or travelled in Cambodia? Already bored the family senseless with your holiday photographs? Reach a new audience by giving a talk about CHD and Cambodia. It’s easy to put together a slideshow of photos on a computer, and you’ll undoubtedly have many stories from your time volunteering and travelling. You’re welcome to use any of the background information from this website to help explain what CHD is all about, and if you need help, you can always email one of the CHD team for advice. Giving a talk, get people interested and raise awareness.

Get a local group or club involved- ​ Get your local school/University/workplace/church/mosque/

Synagogue/band/youth club/Scout group/ involved.- if you’re involved with a group, whatever in may be, get them involved in supporting CHD!

Organize a dress-down day (or a dressing-up day!); have a bake sale; plan a trivia quiz night; play a gig for charity; hold an auction; or get everyone involved in one of the ideas above- The more people get that get involved, the better!

Other ideas are;

  • Fashion Event
  • Poker night
  • Trivia night
  • Raffle
  • Office swear jar
  • School/workplace dress up day
  • Clothes swap – Where people pay a fee to bring their old clothes and swap them for other people’s donated clothing.

Simple tips for a successful event

Plan it- Your event doesn’t have to be massively complicated or large but there are a few things you might need to plan. For example, it it’s happening in a public place, do you need to get permission first? What special equipment will you need, if any? If the event is to be held outdoors, what happens if it rains? If your event involves handling money, do you have some change in case people need it?

Promote it- You could organize the best event in the world – but if no one knows it’s happening, no one will show up. Make sure people know it’s going on – put up posters, contact the local newspaper and ask them to include your event in their ‘What’s on’ section. Tell all your friends and ask them to spread the word, if you’re collecting sponsors – ask everyone you know, and get them to do the same, get online and get Facebooking, Tweeting and Messaging – publicity is the key!

Push it- Phone the local media (Newspapers, TV, Radio) – They’re often looking for a ‘good news story’ to dispel the doom and gloom at the end of a news bulletin, or something to discuss between programs or songs. Try to get them interested before the event and send in photos, videos or a short report on your event after it’s all finished.

And, of course, don’t forget to email CHD and tell us how it went!

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