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Our past sponsors:

We are extremely grateful to all our generous sponsors. Without their invaluable donations, CHD would not have been able to provide a life changing opportunity to many disadvantaged children.

 ieDepot, Ashely, Christopher Mcdonell, their families and their friends https://www.iedepot.ie (Ireland)

Alcan association http://www.colombie.org/ ( France)

Corey’s Project, their family and their friends (USA)

Gayatry Moray, her family and friends (USA)

Jayne, Beth, their friends (UK)

Consuela, her friends (UK)

Gabriela his family and friends (Brazil)

Maria Eduarda, her family and friends (Portugal)

Anna Geiger, her family and friends (Austria)

Pierre Thiry (Belgium)

Amanda Froese (Canada)

Therese Trouilleux (France)

John Porter and his friends (UK)

TWAM www.travelwithamission.org,  and Uy Socheat (France)

Karyn Scott, her family and friends (Canada)

Philipp Bake and Berufskolleg St. Michael Ahlen School (Germany)

Eliane Costa and her friends (Brazil)

Solange Breton, her friends (Switzerland)

Britt Pendergrast (USA)

Donna Huling (USA)

Melissa Sorensen (USA)

Allie Butler (USA)

Paula Benedict (UK)

Famille Bouclé (France)

William TRAVERS (France)

François and Linda (France)

Maryse, Dominique, Amélie and Nicolas (France)

Lucie and Mathieu (France)

Leon Lim (Singapore)

Benedita Alves (Portugal)

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