CHD educates underprivileged children and provides opportunities for a better future


Children with Hope for Development (CHD) is a grass roots Cambodian Non Governmental Organization. We educate children at our free school located in Po Village, Takeo Province, Cambodia and is located approximately 94 kilometers from the capital city Phnom Penh. Children are taught the official Government Curriculum, as well as Khmer and English literacy.



  1. Educate vulnerable poor and illiterate children
  2. Give hope and self-confidence to children
  3. Provide a safe environment where children can learn English from native speakers
  4. Provide protection from violence and sexual abuse through education
  5. Provide a future health care service
  6. In the future, offer classes in neighboring villages to give children outside of Po Village more educational opportunities  


  • All children living in the remote areas can have access to the same quality of education as those in urban area and cities
  • All people in Cambodia live without discrimination and with understanding of children’s needs
  • All people respect the right of children
  • Young people, especially children, are able to benefit from a developing and improving the country
  • Children can learn to help themselves in the difficult time and also their family from poverty in the future
  • Children are the ones who have their villages, family and society as their first priority


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A Very Special Thank you ieDepot

CHD would like to give a big thanks to ieDepot for our new computer room. The achievement of this new computer room would not have been possible without your support. The children of CHD now have a comfortable place to study during our computer classes and are very happy about having a new environment that is more conducive to learning.