About CHD

Children with Hope for Development is a Cambodian non-profit, non-governmental organization with no religious or political ties whose objective is to provide free education program to poor and vulnerable children in rural areas of Takeo Province. Children with Hope for Development was founded in June 29, 2010 and obtained authorization by the Ministry of Interior by paper No 974 SCN, dated 29 June 2011, as the Organization named (CHILDREN WITH HOPE FOR DEVELOPMENT) CHD.

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About Po Village

Owing to the remoteness of Po village and the high incidence of natural disasters, government investment in the area is weak. Social problems include increasing population, food prices, water access, and lack of medical treatment, poor ante natal care and impaired child development. The children of poor rural families live without education, food security, disease prevention, clean water, hygienic clothes, medical assistance and family reconciliation. Moreover, families cannot afford to send their children to school due to the lack of transportation and the remoteness of schools. Also, some families who value education have to ask their children to stop studying and contribute to the family income by contributing to domestic labor, animal raising, garbage collection, soil digging, rice, crop planting or other unskilled employment. Children who have been orphaned as a result of HIV, disease, accident or other cause of death face a bleak future in Cambodia unless they have access to a NGO that provides full care or are adopted into a family. Some children are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse, prostitution and exploitation at the hands of pimps and pedophiles.