CHD Goals


The goals of CHD are to protect and improve the basic rights of children including health, education and creating environmental awareness

  • Provide extra education and training to children, teach children about life style and give food to children who don’t have the ability to go to school.
  • Provide basic education to children facing difficulties, which lack of teachers and schools.
  • Educate children living in difficult conditions about their rights of children, freedom, and child health care knowledge.
  • Bring more education and freedom to children who come from poor families with the purpose of eliminating discrimination
  • Create a stronger relationship with authority and the officers in the target areas to increase the knowledge and the benefit of children’s rights, especially education, training, and the capability to get knowledge.
  • Strengthen the teaching ability and teaching methodology in poor areas
  • Provide study materials to school, children and improving the quality of extra education.
  • We shall provide extra education to adult people about taking care of reproductive health
  • Create communication network and organization both in local and international country including civil associations and communities