What We Do

Free Education:

The CHD School is located in Po Village (Takeo Province) and offers free education and study material for children ages 6 to 17 years old from Po village and the surrounding community.
CHD is an after school program, which allows for as many children as possible to learn at CHD. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty in our rural village through focusing on the children as our future hope. With educational enrichment from CHD, they can grow to have the same opportunities as children from urban and private schools. What makes CHD an important school is the great amount of English classes. A knowledge of English is mandatory to gain admission to higher education and for many jobs.

Our program is:
·         Consistent with Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.
·         Free of charge to all children.
·         Dependent on international volunteers.

Daily schedule

Our daily class schedule starts:
12-1 pm: English Level 1
1-2  pm: English Level 2
2-3  pm: English Level 3
3-4  pm: Math Grade 6 (Cambodian government curriculum is followed)
12-4 pm: Computer Class (typing in English/Khmer)

  • Computer Class

Alongside English lessons we are also offering computer skills for the children. These computer skills are to be provided in a safe and nurturing environment so the students can grow in confidence. This will give the people of Po Village a chance to develop skills that usually would be out of reach for this community.

It is very important that people have the right skills to gain employment. Learning English is one skill that is vital, but computer training is also extremely important in the jobs market. We want to give people the opportunity to train in computers, giving them a higher chance of employment.

People living in towns have the chance to study all the subjects offered by the good schools or Universities.  However for people living in the rural areas across Cambodia, once they have finished their studies at the Government school, they will leave with no professional skills, language skills or education to aid in improving their standard of living. They will therefore be forced to work on a farm, as a construction worker in the city or they may be faced with no job at all.

The majority of people in the rural areas do not have access to education as it costs a lot of money.

It is very exciting for many children to learn basic computer skills, typing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and other additional programs.

Most of the youth have no access to, use of, or knowledge of computers and modern information and communication technologies. For the same age group from developed countries, information and communication technologies are part of the digital and daily life. That is not the case here.

The ultimate goal of the Computer project is to provide the students with basic knowledge and skills which can be used in most office environments and an opportunity to learn skills that they can use to help them with their studies and work opportunities.

Our computer course includes English and Khmer Unicode typing, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

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