The Corey Project

Volunteer house

The Corey Project is dedicated to the memory of Corey Goode.

CHD also plans to build a volunteer house on the school grounds in the future. Currently, volunteers have to travel 10 kilometers by bicycle from Takeo Town every day to teach at CHD. The bike ride can be tiring, especially in hot months, and living so far from the school can make many volunteers feel detached from the community.

A volunteer house would allow volunteers to be more involved in the community. Living in Po Village, volunteers could learn more about village culture, join in community events and ceremonies, make better relationships with members of the village, and conduct better research. A volunteer house would also help make CHD more sustainable, as it would be generating it’s own income, instead of relying on outside donations to pay for materials and teachers. Perhaps most importantly, a volunteer house would allow CHD to extend its mission of free education to other villages outside of Po, since volunteers would have less distance to travel to other villages and CHD’s increased income would allow it to pay for more teachers.