About Us

CHD’s Mission

  • Educate vulnerable, poor, and illiterate children
  • Give hope and self-confidence to children
  • Provide a safe environment where children can learn English from native speakers
  • Provide protection from violence and sexual abuse through education
  • Provide health care services
  • Offer classes to children in neighboring villages in order to spread educational opportunities

CHD’s Core Values

  • We hope that all children can learn how to help themselves and their families in difficult times to precent poverty in the future.
  • We believe children can support their villages and society and make this their first priority.

CHD’s Vision

  • We hope all children living the remote areas can have access to the same quality of education as those in urban area and cities.
  • We hope all people in Cambodia are to live without discrimination and with understanding of the needs of children.
  • We hope all people respect the rights of children.

CHD Cambodia

Children with Hope for Development is a grass roots Cambodian Non-Governmental Organisation. It is based in Po Village, Takeo Province, Cambodia and is located approximately 94 kilometres from the capital city Phnom Penh. The village is in a poorly serviced remote, rural area with unmade roads. The children in the Po village come from poor rice cropping families and have limited prospects to assist them, break out of the cycle of poverty.
Providing the children from Po Village with the opportunity to attend a free NGO school such as Children with Hope for Development improves their educational opportunities to become literate in Khmer and English. At CHD we teach the Government Curriculum to multi-level students. As qualified Teachers we know that education improves children’s confidence and their self-worth and gives them some hope for their future.
The project at Po Village has been created to assist children out of illiteracy, create opportunity for them and contribute to the development of our society and Cambodia.
We welcome short or long term Volunteers at CHD School who really wish to make a difference to the lives of our children. Buddhism is the national religion of Cambodia and we ask that volunteers respect our beliefs and that we are a Cambodian managed NGO.


CHD Goals

The goals of CHD are to protect and improve the basic rights of children including health, education and creating environmental awareness
  • Provide extra education and training to children, teach children about life style and give food to children who don’t have the ability to go to school.
  • Provide basic education to children facing difficulties, which lack of teachers and schools.
  • Educate children living in difficult conditions about their rights of children, freedom, child health care knowledge.
  • Bring more education and freedom to children who come from poor families with the purpose of eliminating discrimination
  • Create a stronger relationship with authority and the officers in the target areas to increase the knowledge and the benefit of children’s rights, especially education, training, and the capability to get knowledge.
  • Strengthen the teaching ability and teaching methodology in poor areas
  • Provide study materials to school, children and improving the quality of extra education.
  • We shall provide extra education to adult people about taking care of reproductive health
  • Create communication network and organization both in local and international country including civil associations and communities

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