A Message From Our Founder

Hello, my name is Sokha Treng. I am the founder and director of Children with Hope for Development (CHD). I was born in Thlork Yul Village, Takeo province. My parents were forced to work in labor camp growing rice for the Khmer Rouge Cadres. It was a constant battle to stay alive and survive the brutality.

I graduated from Build Bright University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. I majored in teaching English as a second language. Within a year, I completed my tourism vocational training. I have experience working in the tourism industry as a guest relations specialist and as a tour guide in French and English.

In June 2010, I founded a project called “Children with Hope for Development” (CHD) to help provide education for poor and disadvantaged children in Po village and surrounding areas. This project aims to raise children out of illiteracy, create greater opportunities beyond traditional government school, and contribute to the development of our community and Cambodian society.

I created this NGO because I want to help disadvantaged children and young people in Cambodia have a better life. I also want to reduce the poverty experienced in their families and in their communities. These goals can primarily be accomplished through education. I believe education helps children and their families create positive changes in their lives and empower their communities.

To develop the capabilities of our youth, we need to build a culture of hope, trust and healthy relationships among the people of Cambodia. Through the development of confidence and critical thinking, young people can go on to take an active role in developing their communities.

Children with Hope for Development (CHD) is a place where children and young people can learn and share their experiences with each other and develop skills necessary for active citizenship.

I am very grateful for the support we receive from individuals, making our work possible.

We always welcome support of any kind, please feel free to visit and join in our activities at any time.

Warmest regards,
Sokha Treng

Mr. Sokha Treng