Free Education

The CHD School is located in Po Village (Takeo Province) and offers free education and study material for children ages 6 to 17 years old from Po village and the surrounding community. CHD is an after school program, which allows for as many children as possible to learn at CHD. The goal is to break the cycle of poverty in our rural village through focusing on the children as our future hope.

With educational enrichment from CHD, they can grow to have the same opportunities as children from urban and private schools. What makes CHD an important school is the great amount of English classes. Knowledge of English is mandatory to gain admission to higher education and for many jobs.

Our program is:

  • Consistent with Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.
  • Free of charge to all children.
  • Dependent on international volunteers.

Daily schedule

Our daily class schedule starts:
12-1 pm: English Level 1
1-2 pm: English Level 2
2-3 pm: English Level 3
3-4 pm: Math Grade 6 (Cambodian government curriculum is followed)
12-4 pm: Computer Class (typing in English/Khmer)